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Affordable options for single or multi-camera productions

Pre Recorded and Post Editing 

Different location options available, including on site

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We have full capability to help you start writing, start recording, or start releasing your music. The Mind Faucet works with various engineers and musicians to bring your music to life no matter your experience.  We believe in investing in our clients to make the project right!

We work with ALL budgets, so if you have an idea for a project, don’t know what to do, we might!  Our goal is to remove the barriers that prevents music from coming out. Need musicians? Songwriters? Talk to us. 


The Mind Faucet is a production company committed to removing barriers so artists can create.

Founded in 2019, The Mind Faucet is a collaboration between musicians, producers, content creators, and teachers committed to creating a more modern artistic journey. 

Helping artists release their art…