Interested in getting back on stage without the crowd? Looking to start a podcast?

We are constantly adapting to create more affordable, practical solutions to mitigate the overwhelming cost of high end video production solutions. The technology is out there, and we can help you access it.  We collaborate with multiple venues and partners to find solutions to get you out there with tools you need and can afford. We value the art our clients create, and believe in finding solutions that fit budgets.  We are creators first, and understand the limitations that finances put around content creation.


We offer:

  •  Single to multi-camera productions with audio for any event including speaking engagements, full band productions, weddings, corporate events… or whatever you are dreaming up
  • Pre Recorded and Post Remastering releases with video and audio editing
  • Multi Platform streaming solutions
  • Original media to add to production including trailers, overlays and more!